Top 10 Questions to Ask a Virtual Assistant During the Interview

When your business grows, the responsibilities also increase. And one of the strategic solutions nowadays is through outsourcing these tasks with a virtual assistant. Considering the benefits of embracing a virtual assistant, how can you make sure that you will hire the fittest to the role? What are the questions to ask a virtual assistant during the interview?

Probably this is your first time conducting a virtual assistant Interview. And the critical component of its success is to learn how and what questions to ask during interviews.

However, before the initial interview, you must prepare a hiring plan to streamline finding and hiring the VA that best suits your business. Also, it should make the finding-hiring process efficient.

Check on these factors that every hiring plan must have:

Clear objectives, roles, and responsibilities
The right questions to ask the virtual assistant
A consistent approach to each interview
A systematic process to interview a virtual assistant.

Here are the best questions to ask a virtual assistant to determine who among the applicants is suitable for your business need.

Top 10 Questions to Ask During a Virtual Assistant Interview

Question#1: What is your core expertise? Which of the skills on the job description is out of your scope?

Considering that virtual assistants vary in their niches, having a clear requirement is vital. This is because each business has unique needs, and so with virtual assistants’ expertise. Whether you need someone to manage your email, and online bookkeeper, website designer, or a social media strategist, you must be clear on your business needs.

Besides, by knowing what you need, you’ll throw the right interview question and capture the fittest VA for the role.

Question#2. What time zone are you in? How many hours in a week are you available?

Knowing the time zone of the VA makes you aware of the time gap between the two of you. As this time difference will not work for others, many claimed that their working relationship flourishes, even if they have a varied time difference with their VA. It depends on the willingness of the VA to cope with the time gap.

With this question, you can identify if the VA meets your weekly number of hour requirements. Otherwise, the VA is not what you are looking for.

Question#3. Do you have other clients now?

There are instances wherein you need a VA for a full-time position. Some business owners are strict that they want the VA to fully work with them and don’t have any other clients. Yet, it is okay with them for others as long as the VA can meet the deadline with flying colors.

Question#4. How do you prioritize work when you don’t have specific deadlines?

A virtual assistant who knows how to prioritize tasks makes it productive and efficient, especially if you are not giving your virtual assistant specific deadlines. The virtual assistant answer to this VA interview question will highlight the VA’s organizing and time management skills.

These two are essential since these will affect the overall productivity of the virtual assistant.

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